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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jobs Your Kids Can Do to Make Money

Jobs Your Kids Can Do to Make Money 

. Household Chores: It's likely that there are plenty of things to do around the house that you could use help with. Cleaning floors and windows, dusting, and sweeping are all easy tasks that require a little elbow grease and are therefore perfect for kids who want to make money. Just leave the tasks that require decision-making to yourself.
2. Yard Work: Cutting grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and weeding around the neighborhood or in your backyard are all great ways for kids to make money. Kids of all ages can offer services to friends and family, while older teens may want to advertise services locally via flyers or homemade business cards distributed throughout the neighborhood. 
3. Arts and Crafts: If your child is aesthetically inclined, show him or her how to make money selling crafts. You can purchase cheap raw materials for most crafts, such as custom-designed decorative coffee mugs or key chains made of beads. And you can market these products in your neighborhood, especially around the holidays.
Tell prospective buyers what your child will do with the money. If your child is saving up for college or for a new computer, friends and neighbors may be even more inclined to support their endeavors. 
4. Babysitting: This is among the standard part-time jobs for high school students, as quality babysitting is always in demand. But your child can set him or herself apart by getting CPR certified as well. The best way to get a large number of babysitting gigs is to do a good job and capitalize on positive word-of-mouth. And if your child is willing to be available on short notice, he or she can secure a loyal client base.
5. Dog Walking: Many people just don't have time to walk their pets. Your child can approach people with pets in your neighborhood and offer affordable services. Remember, when it comes to marketing your child's services, the focus should be more on getting the job rather than haggling over price. For example, a dog walking job that only pays $5 an hour is $5 more per hour than he or she is currently earning. 
6. Car Washing: Encourage your child to partner with other kids in the neighborhood to offer car washing services. A basic wash only requires a hose, some rags, and some soap. But if you want to take it a step further, purchase a cheap wet/dry vacuum and advertise both interior and exterior cleaning services. 
7. Expanded Lemonade Stand: A lemonade stand can make money if it's in an area that gets a lot of traffic. If you have such an area, maintain the stand year-round and offer hot chocolate during the winter months. Your child can also make a lot of money by offering bottled water. If you can get bottled water at $0.20 or less per bottle and then sell it for $1, the profit margin is huge.
These are only a few of the income-generating ideas your children can take on. Involve yourself in whatever they choose: Provide guidance, ensure safety, and help manage the funds they earn. For example, you could encourage your child to open a savings account, and even match every dollar that is saved. This can cultivate the habit of saving instead of spending, which will serve children well as they enter the adult world of credit card offers and student loan debt.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ways for Teens to Make Money

Ways for Teens to Make Money

Teenage is a wonderful stage to be in. Teenage days are full of reverie and the things that feature in these dreams are an exciting date at the Hiltons', a new car, the latest superbike or a brand-new phone. If you belong to the rest of the 99% (Occupy Wall Street hysteria you see) whose dad hasn't pocketed a million-dollars due to a government-funded bailout, then the reality would soon dawn upon you that your pocket-money may never suffice. For those of you who are waiting to pass out of college - find a decent job - and then buy stuff - stop right here, because we are not going anywhere close to austerity! On a serious note, if gizmo and cars don't entice you, then how about saving some dough for your college fees? We would be taking a look at some conventional jobs for teenagers apart from checking some new 'cool' jobs that have come up in the last couple of years.

Teenagers can make money from home by selling things. However, they should be careful about what they sell, and discuss with their parents about selling household articles. Some good things for teens to sell are their old toys, comics or school books. Selling old toys, clothes, comics and school books to charities is a better idea, since the items sold not only get the teenagers money but also useful to the children who are less fortunate. However, it would be a good idea not to sell things that teenagers are more attached to. Other than that, having a small yard sale in your house is an excellent money making idea for teenagers. While the yard sale will have the teenagers personal property to be sold, teenagers can also ask their parents if they wish to sell anything and then put it up on the yard sale, thereby getting a commission on the sale.

Selling personal effects and properties is not a permanent process, and therefore this is a temporary and quick way of earning money for teenagers. For teenagers who require a regular flow of money, taking up a job is the best making money idea for teens. There are various jobs available for teenagers in the neighborhood for outside, which are also high-paying as regards a teenager. Here is a list of jobs which mean easy money for teens:

Babysitting: Babysitting is a traditional teenager's job. The job is easy to do and many teenagers can also consider it as practice and a way of gaining experience if they intend to get into the house and elderly care business. Babysitting is a less complex job as compared to others, and if the teenager is lucky enough, they will end up being paid to study while watching some cute kid napping off in front of the television.

Elderly Care: This is slightly more tough than babysitting, but is a job which has many benefits as compared to babysitting. For one, elders have a lot of experience and knowledge just waiting to be imparted to the discerning ear! So, similar to babysitting, the teenager may end up being paid to hear about the life and times of an elderly. Teenagers who wish to go into the creative line or hospitality and care will benefit the most from these kinds of jobs. There have been many writers who have been inspired from stories told to them by the elderly, and this could be just one of those.

Pet Care: Apart from the children and elders, busy couples also leave pets at home. Pet Sitting is slowly becoming popular and useful. More busier couples will also pay teenagers to just take their pets for a walk.

The Cleanup Act: Houses need cleanliness, and busybody teenagers are the best bet for it. There are various jobs available in this section, like mowing lawns, gardening and raking yards. Come snow time and having someone to shovel snow out of the parkways is as important as paying bills for busy individuals.

Department Stores: Department stores are always in the need of helpers and attendants, and this need increases during the summer time, when business is thick. One additional benefit of working in a department store is the employee benefits and discounts that teenagers may get.

Computer Maintenance: If you live in a neighborhood where everybody owns a computer and nobody knows how to fix it, then you can simply fill the void. If you have an uncanny ability to detect the faults and rectify them, then you are surely in a win-win situation. However, if you too don't know a thing about the intricacies of what goes into the making of a CPU, you can spend some time and money to learn the ropes. This would help you not only in earning money, but also in networking with people.

Lifeguards: An increased interest in adventure sports has also led to an increase in demand for lifeguards. You need to get a certification which isn't too difficult, and then you are ready to earn at an hourly rate. Ensure that you take your certification course seriously as this job involves protecting others from dangers.

Tutoring: If you have expertise on a subject and can effectively communicate to others, then becoming a tutor can be a good way to earn money. You will not only get more insight into the subject, but will also cherish from the joy that comes with imparting knowledge to others.

Online surveys: There are a lot of 'genuine' companies out there who pay you for completing surveys. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, and you can start earning good money.

Online writing: So, you are good at composing essays. You can put your creative skills to use by writing a few write-ups for established companies. The money is paid according to the work you are able to complete and you can very well make a name for yourself by writing good, quality-stuff.

These were some ways in which teenagers can earn money. There may be some more efficient ways which might have inadvertently missed, but you can help us with some valuable suggestions and feedback.
By Roy D'Silva

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